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"I was up to my neck with credit card debt and had very little faith in debt settlement and honestly didn't think it could be done so quickly, however, I want to write to tell you that your program works. You guys were spectacular with settling my debt and kept me informed every step of the way!"

--Sarah H.

"My wife and I had medical problems with our newborn and we found ourselves about $65,000 in debt. I found Federal Consumer Relief on the internet. FCR has already negotiated with one of our bigger creditors from $16,000 down to $4,300. Our negotiator is outstanding and is always there for us. We don't feel like we are in this alone."

--Frank M.

"I am 13 months into the program and all my creditors have settled. I will finish the program in 2 months! Federal Consumer Relief settled my debts for 37% of the outstanding balance. In my opinion Federal Consumer Relief is an extremely effective option for individuals in financial hardship."

--Melissa N.