Debt Settlement

Debt consolidation can be a viable solution, but it's not right for everyone – particularly if you don't own a home or are unable to make high monthly payments. For many consumers, debt settlement (aka debt negotiation) is the most cost-effective option to pay off debts and avoid filing for bankruptcy.

By allowing Federal Consumer Relief to negotiate your debt with each of your creditors, you can cut down your debt to a fraction of what you currently owe. Our program is custom-built for each client's current personal and financial situation in order to make the process as affordable as possible.

Our dedicated team of financial professionals has spent years developing, testing, and adjusting our negotiations process in order to produce optimal results for our clients. Through the relationships we've established with creditors, we are able to successfully negotiate the debts of our clients for substantially less than what they owe. We are professional, cooperative, and unlike other credit counseling programs, we work directly for you – not the creditors.

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