Federal Debt Reliefs: Your Solutions

Like most Americans, you likely acquired your first credit card innocently – for “emergencies,” or as a way to establish your credit. But once the domino effect of credit consumerism takes it toll, the result is a never-ending cycle of debt. If this is the situation you find yourself in today, there is hope.

Federal law allows you to legally, ethically reduce and/or eradicate your debt by the following methods:

Debt settlement: Also known as debt forgiveness or debt negotiation, this process involves creditors forgiving certain amounts of your debt to reduce the total amount owed. The remaining balance is then paid on an agreed-upon installment basis.

Debt consolidation: This process involves a debt consolidator acting on your behalf to help you reduce the total interest rate, often by consolidating your credit accounts into one. Then, rather than managing and paying off numerous accounts, you can make one affordable monthly payment to one account until your debt is paid off.

Finally, there is also federal relief available in the form of loans and grants. At your request, our counselors can discuss this option with you to determine if this is a viable solution.

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Credit Card Debt Consolidation